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The Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series


The Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series features new capabilities, that makes it the world’s only complete and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution, for all-in-one data protection in just 15 minutes flat.

Powered by award-winning Arcserve UDP software, the turnkey solution bundles robust server processing, flash-accelerated de-duplicated storage, and high-speed networking with enterprise-grade hardware to make it easier to deliver reliable disaster recovery, keep up with data growth, reduce time managing backups, and gain peace of mind.


Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series At-a-Glance

  • Up to 20 CPU cores and 768GB RAM to spin up dozens of VMs in case of failures
  • Up to 504TB of data can be protected with a single appliance, and up to 6PB of data can be managed via a single user interface
  • Up to 1:20 de-duplication ratio and extreme, flash-accelerated de-duplication performance with enterprise-grade SAS HDDs and SSDs
  • Easy-to-install Expansion Kits to increase capacity and meet data growth demands
  • 12Gbps RAID cards with 2GB NV cache and redundant hot-swap power supplies for high-performance and reliability
  • On-site support in as little as 4 hours for peace of mind


What about Capacity?

Support growth with 11 Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series configuration options, from 12TB to 504TB per appliance, and expand original capacity by up to four times with in-field, in-appliance Expansion Kits.


How about Performance?

  • Arcserve Appliance models 9012, 9024 and 9048 deliver up to 20 TB/hour throughput based on global source-side de-duplication with a 98% de-duplication ratio
  • Arcserve Appliance models 9072DR, 9096DR, 9144DR, 9192DR, 9240DR, 9288DR, 9360DR and 9504DR deliver up to 76 TB/hour throughput based on global source-side de-duplication with a 98% de-duplication ratio


What are the Use Cases?

Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series streamline a wide variety of deployment scenarios, including:

  • Single-site protection for physical or virtual systems, including x86 and non-x86
  • Primary site protection combined with copy to Arcserve Cloud
  • Cross-site protection between two sites
  • Central appliance site with multiple branch offices
  • Hybrid deployment with a combination of on-premises local, remote and cloud systems


Want to read more?

Click on the link below to the Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series Datasheet,



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