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I’m super excited to demonstrate one of the new features of Arcserve RHA 18.0

Arcserve RHA Full System Linux Protection is a brand new way to protect Mission Critical Linux Servers along with all of their applications, data and system state.

What differentiates this from other products such as Arcserve UDP and products from different vendors is that Arcserve RHA uses your chosen Hypervisor or cloud to create an offline replica of the Linux server. The offline VM is continually kept up to date using Arcserve RHA’s unique real-time, byte-level replication.
Recovering from disaster or even automating DR Testing is as simple as automating the spin-up of the Replica VM.

In this demo, I have decided to protect a Linux server that happens to be located within Amazon AWS – in North Virginia.

My chosen DR site happens to be the Australian region of AWS. However, I could protect the Linux server running on any platform, physical, virtual or cloud and I could have chosen Microsoft Azure, VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix or KVM as my DR platform.