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Corporate Desktop refresh is an essential ongoing role of IT Departments. Maintaining up to date systems reduces risk and streamline management of EndPoint Devices.
A delayed desktop operating system refresh cycle will inevitably increase support costs as IT staff support multiple Operating systems. Older systems can also negatively impact user productivity.

Yes, regular desktop refresh is essential. So why is it such a pain in the neck to perform?

The Challenge of Desktop Refresh

So what is the challenge of a corporate desktop refresh? Most laptop users want continuity. Users don’t care about new operating system features. They want their computer to work as expected, with icons in the right place, with shortcuts, mapped drives & all the dozens of other customisations they have configured.

Cibecs EndPoint Cloud makes it super easy for the IT Helpdesk to issue a new, up to date laptop and seamlessly, remotely migrate ALL of a users profile customisations. Hey, the helpdesk doesn’t even need hands-on with the old or new device.

Demo of Cibecs Endpoint Cloud Desktop Migration

Check out this video – a short demonstration showing how an old Windows 7 user can easily be upgraded to Windows 10 – with a single click from a cloud-based management console.