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StarWind Hyper-Converged Appliance (HCA)

Hyper-convergence in a Flash

StarWind Hyper-converged Appliance is a real turnkey hyper-converged platform that combines network, storage, compute, and software in a small 2-node footprint. Shrink your Total Cost of Ownership and increase ROI, experience maximum performance and flawless resiliency with a single HCI solution that has every feature you could need.
StarWind Hyper-Converged Appliance is the perfect fit for organisations looking to ensure the ultimate performance for their mission-critical systems & applications without spending a fortune on hardware and IT staff.

StarWind have already proven that virtualization and hyper-convergence can be an affordable and cost-efficient option contrary to past common opinion. StarWind Continues its policy of bringing top-shelf features to Enterprises, ROBOs, SMB & Edge sites by now offering HCA All-Flash only! StarWind HCA All-Flash offers a potent blend of Read-Intensive and Mix-Use Disk Drives. This latest generation showcases that capacity and performance can be coupled with cost-efficiency.
See how much more cost-efficiency, product longevity, and sustainability (in figures) you get with All-Flash vs. HDDs







Typical Disk and Cloud Solutions

  • Require investment in resiliency and performance
  • Need flash arrays to boost performance
  • Need extra software to ensure disaster recovery
  • Disks are heavier, louder, less shock-resistant, and wear out quicker

StarWind HCA All-Flash

  • No need to balance out capacity, performance, or IT management
  • Turnkey solution that ensures your IT infrastructure’s equilibrium
  • Comes as a two-node HeartBeat with flawless resiliency
  • Significantly minimized hardware footprint due to architechture laconism


  • Configuration and deployment do not come for free
  • Complicated to deploy without having expertise
  • Management tools need to be purchased separately
  • Premium support comes as a separate payable service
  • No additional education or resources are needed to run and manage
  • Our engineers pre-configure, test, and deploy the solution for free
  • StarWind Command Center brings handy HCI monitoring and management
  • StarWind ProActive Premium Support comes with every license


  • HDDs take x5-6 times longer to boot and communicate
  • Slightest physical damage will negatively affect disk performance
  • HDDs lose performance capabilities over time due to mechanics
  • Performance drops due to being not native to certain protocols, like NVMe-oF
  • Allows tapping into 100% of underlying storage utilization
  • Achieves stellar 99.9999% high availability at all times
  • Maximum speed without any hiccups or drops in performance

All those benefits and more
at the price of a hybrid (disk + flash)



with Two Nodes

  • The most comprehensive, proactive, and knowledgeable Technical Support in the HCI industry is included by default!
  • Issues are prevented thanks to our engineers monitoring your environment 24x7x365, using machine learning to spot any abnormality.
  • Your environment runs like clockwork is and cared for from day 1 to infinity.

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Maintain and Scale
as You Go

  • StarWind Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass monitoring and management tool that does it ALL.
  • From storage management and hypervisor orchestration to production applications inside VMs or containers, and more — manage everything HCI from a single UI.

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There’s nothing to weigh, just PLUG AND PLAY!

  • Unlock the ability to process 100% of your IOPS
  • Enjoy the longevity and sustainability of flash storage
  • Make your heavy disk writing applications feather-light
  • Build your entire HCI on a single “building block”
  • Reduce IT management costs and invest in innovation


StarWind gets praise for its solution’s high level of customisation in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for HCI


Data Locality

No more dispersed data and irregular read/writes to “bottleneck” your performance via interconnect fabrics.
StarWind HCA keeps the compute and storage resources for every VM on the same node to achieve max performance.

Server-Side Caching

StarWind HCA uses conventional RAM as a write buffer and Level 1 cache to absorb writes, achieving Level 2 cache.
Cache is kept synchronized between both nodes, allowing to start post-migration VMs in a “hot state.”


There is virtually no incompatibility in communication with StarWind HyperConverged Appliance.
The platform uses all industry-standard uplink protocols: SMB3, NFSv4.1, iSCSI, VVols on iSCSI, NVMe-oF, iSER, and others.

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