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XN7000 Series

Best Enterprise-Level Encryption Solution for Entry Enterprise and SMB


Support Self-encrypting drive technlogy

XCubeNAS can be much safer more than you can imagine with the disk self-encrypting technology called SED (Self-Encrypting Drive). With the technology, even if the physical drive is stolen or misplaced, the data on it remains protected against data breach by generating the authentication key (AK) to prevent the unauthorized access. However, the SED offered by QSAN provides the secured pools migration between different XCubeNASs and easy to manage the key by exporting AK for more efficient.

Storage for Virtualization

The Virtual Infrastructure

XCubeNAS is an ideal and economical storage solution that can be used as shared network storage or IP-SAN storage for virtualization environments. Officially certified with VMware® Ready, Citrix® Ready, and Microsoft® Hyper-V, the XCubeNAS is a stable and efficient data storage system. Virtualized data centers can perform faster and more efficiently with XCubeNASs assistance on provisioning, migration, and management of virtual machines. The XCubeNAS provides virtualization solutions allowing you to maximize resource utilization to deliver application services flexibly. The built-in hypervisor manager provides a quick and straightforward way to deploy virtual resources into your infrastructure. This ability means that you can save on listening costs, by moving virtual resources onto the XcubeNAS and free up valuable resources on your hypervisor.

Snapshot Retention

4.2x Longer Protection Time

By empowering tap backup retention policy, GFS helps system administrators maximum the amounts of snapshots version but also use the storage capacity even more efficiency. GFS backup policy a.k.a. Grandfather – Father – Son backup rotation policy.


Real-time Sync with Encrypiton

Real-time Remote Backup Data copies can be distributed to your trusted storage locations through real-time remote backup. By periodically copying data to different branches, your data can be recovered in the unfortunate event that a disaster happens. Data availability is ensured, offering businesses more options for a contingency and recovery plan.



Effective Management, Optimize Allocating

By adding quotas (limits) to users, the XCubeNAS can decide the storage space on the individual user folder and limit the storage capacity in each volume. With this feature, the admin will has the ability of complete control on the NAS storage allocation.


AES256 Encryption

Pool Encryption Fulfill Military Regulations

XCubeNAS pool encryption mechanism ensures secured storage environment any user who wants to modify data must first pass authentication. The XCubeNAS supports up to AES 256-bit encryption for internal drives and external USB/eSATA drives, and adopts a military level FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, which is considered to be the highest security certification for compliance.