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StarWind HyperConverged Appliance

Hyperconvergence in a Flash


Why Choose HyperConverged Solution from StarWind?

For organizations looking to minimize application downtime but are limited on IT team resources and/or budgets, we offer StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA). StarWind HCA is a 100% software-defined hyperconverged platform built with Dell® OEM or StarWind-branded server platform. There’s a lot we offload from customer’s shoulders: picking the right hardware and software, and integrating the HyperConverged Appliance in your datacenter.

StarWind HCA comes as All-Flash Only because the $/Gb factor of Read-Intensive SSD vs. 10K HDD is the same, but Flash offers x-times superior benefits. SSDs are 15 times faster than HDDs, take up only 1% of CPU overhead instead of 7%, and their I/O Request Time is 20ms vs. 400-500ms. Our SSD-based HCA has exceptional longevity, it’s shock-resistant and sustainable. Thus, you get a foolproof, cost-efficient, and infinitely more performant HCI offer when it’s All-Flash.

Our engineering team does it all for you at no extra cost! It’s also the only solution among hyperconverged appliances that offers true HA with just a single onsite node. The days when you had to chase support when something breaks are gone: HCA ProActive Premium Support monitors the cluster 24/7, predicts failures and reacts to them before things go South. Thereby, we minimize downtime and management efforts even further.

PS: We’ll price match if you manage to get a DIY cluster using the same parts and services at a lower price tag! How? By sharing our partner discounts with you.

(that’s why competitors hate us)

Strict budgets
  • Fits strictest budget requirements with a 2-node cluster priced 2x lower than a Tesla Model 3
  • No overpaying for unnecessary or proprietary hardware – HCA is 100% software-defined and requires as little as one node to make your applications Highly Available.
Limited IT team resources
  • Zero Configuration, Migration, and Integration efforts since everything is done by StarWind Engineers at no extra cost.
  • Zero time spent on fixing broken systems- StarWind ProActive Premium Support AI monitors all cluster components 24/7/365 to prevent breaks.
High downtime costs
  • High fault tolerance rate: the 2-node system can lose 1 node + 1 disk and keep going.
  • Constant uptime thanks to synchronous failover clustering between on-premises and public cloud with StarWind Hybrid Cloud.

StarWind Command Center Included

StarWind Command Center comes as StarWind HCA’s component. The tool provides:

  • Convenient HCI performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive infrastructure state visibility
  • Effortless infrastructure management from a single UIs


StarWind HCA All-Flash

StarWind HCA All-Flash is a potent blend of Read-Intensive and Mix-Use Drives that achieves a perfect balance between capacity, performance, and cost-efficiency.


Exceptional Performance

StarWind HCA All-Flash exhibits virtually no access time (0.1ms). Its I/O request time is only 20ms (HDDs need 400-500ms), and its random I/O performance is 6000 IOPS vs. 400 IOPS in hard drives. Your environment will experience 99.9999% uptime.

All-Over Sustainability

It’s misleading to believe that Flash is more costly than HDDs. Flash doesn’t experience mechanical wear like hard drives. SSD’s architecture makes it shock-resistant, not incur damage in high intensity and temperature work, and it consumes only 2-5 watts.

Affordability and Efficiency

StarWind HCA All-Flash provides for visible longevity and cost-efficiency. With an HDD-based solution, you’d need to change drives faster (restricted scalability + expenses). With All-Flash, $/Gb is the same but it lasts longer, performs better, and it’s easily scalable.

Explore hybrid cloud with StarWind

StarWind HCA provides businesses with a non-stop application availability and unbeatable data security thanks to Hybrid Cloud support. Thanks to hyperconvergence, companies can flexibly migrate virtualized workloads between their on-premises environment and AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud with zero downtime.


For SMB and ROBO bounded with limited Capital Expenses and IT team resources, StarWind offers a flexible Equipment Financing plan. Organizations can start building their hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and using StarWind HCA from the day one with a convenient zero payment plan, broken down into the OPEX. StarWind HCA is different from other hyperconverged solutions in that you simply pencil out your profit and enjoy your HA hyperconverged infrastructure.

High availability with a single node on-prem?

With hyperconverged systems, companies can achieve High Availability for their ROBO and Edge locations with just one onsite physical node. StarWind hyperconverged solution ensures application uptime and data security with minimum possible hardware footprint by clustering remote HCA nodes with public cloud, main Datacenter, or even bot

A Support Plan Ticking All The Boxes?

“Less is more” is a key rule for business success. Providing uninterrupted operation of the company’s IT infrastructure and saving time on having no downtime with an HCI appliance, the organization receives a strategic resource for the implementation of future business projects. StarWind Support offers three levels of HCA support designed to meet specific technical requirements and business needs, saving your time and maximizing your hyperconverged infrastructure performance

Success Stories

Thousands of our customers from diverse industries use StarWind HyperConverged Appliance to ensure highly available and fault-tolerant storage for their businesses
The infrastructure works excellent. We have been able to respond to shifting needs in the organization at greater speed and have experienced zero downtime even during maintenance.
Christopher Tuttle, IT Manager
StarWind plays well with Microsoft Servers and Hyper-V. With a pair of physical hosts, I can easily move my virtual machines between hosts for maintenance or failure. We could not do that before.
Jerry Gode, Senior Associate
We opted for all SSD and found that performance was much better. We went from a full rack down to 4 units, so any troubleshooting should be much easier now with less equipment.
Barry Miles, IT Manager
Migrating was very easy, and everything is running faster and more reliable.
Neal Wagoner, Technology Technician
Support has been great. All of the reps I have spoken to have been very nice and informative, and always follow up. The setup was a breeze.
Alex Hernandez, A company representative
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance delivered a solid hyperconverged platform and met all requirements including IOPS.
Mike Leonard, CEO

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