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Visible Internet is a dual application, that extends into family life, helping parents remain the guiding influence in their children’s lives

how does visible internet work?

Everybody is aware of the advantages of our recent technological advances. Schools are leveraging technology – Internet, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks, Social Media – the power of such technology allows schools to modernize education, maintain contact with parents and interact with the community.

However, there are risks – the internet and social media are minefields of dangers..

How can a school provide access to the power of internet connected devices whilst ensuring that their students remain safe from Adult content, Violence and Bullying?

Visible Internet leverages Artificial Intelligence to monitor smart device activity and alert schools & parents should any concerning activity be detected.

The Visible Internet AI Deep Learning Algorithm captures the screen image straight off the student’s device and categories it’s content. The designated staff member, teacher or parent will then be discretely notified if anything inappropriate, hateful, dangerous or offensive is detected.

Content is categorised by name, frequency and time.

Content that is recognised as bullying language, self harm, inappropriate, social networking or gaming is flagged.

The Teachers app includes comprehensive analytics for each class or individual students.

watch product overview

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