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World Backup Day 2018 Survey Results are In!

Arcserve asked 600 channel partners and IT decision-makers across the Americas, Europe and Japan about their data protection challenges and solution preferences.  What did your IT peers have to say?


Respondents categorised 79 percent of their company data as mission or business-critical…

… but, less than 15 percent said they had a high degree of confidence in recovering their data should downtime or a disaster event occur.


Top 5 data protection concerns, ranked.

  • Cost of Downtime
  • Increased risk from ransomware attacks
  • Complexity of managing varied types of data and systems
  • Meeting compliance regulations (e.g. GDPR, HIPPA)
  • IT resources (personnel, budget)

While the top concern is cost of downtime, over half of customers don’t have DR plans in place,

and if they do, they don’t regularly test it.


Customers without a DR Solution

Over half of partners revealed their customers don’t have a DR plan in place.

Of the customers that do have a DR plan in place, more than half only test it once per year or less.


Test DR Once per Year or Less

We call DR Testing "Assured Recovery"

Because you are Assured that your Recovery Processes work when you can TEST YOUR RECOVERY EVERY DAY!!

At Cloud Ready Solutions, we find it amazing that 59% of respondents to a recent ‘World Backup Day Survey’ answered that they ‘only do DR testing once a year or less’!

I guess that not everyone that filled in the World Backup Day Survey is familiar with Arcserve Assured Recovery & how it can be used to test BOTH your High Availability Solutions AND your regular backups..   When was the last time you tested your backups??

Often the reason is it is too hard (especially for transactional application servers like SQL, Oracle), costs too much to do (engineering time) and the current backup and DR software does provide this feature.

The risk is “how do you know if there are any issues if you have to failover”?

Assured Recovery testing is automated pro-active maintenance that is very powerful, no engineering time required and low costs.  AR Testing also does not impact on your protection status – you are still protecting critical data during the test process – no exposure windows!

The Assured Recovery results are emailed to your help desk for verification.  If there is any problem with the test process resulting in a test failing, the issue can be quickly and easily rectified.   Much better than waiting for Disaster to Strike before discovering issues!
Both Arcserve UDP (point in time backup) and Arcserve RHA (real-time protection of business critical servers (physical or virtual)) have an automated off-line ‘Assured Recovery’ testing feature built in.   Just tick the box and your DR testing is done for you..  😉
Assured Recovery Testing can be performed on VMware, HyperV, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure – some features may vary between platforms.

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