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qsan distributor

QSAN Distributor: Tailored SAN and NAS solutions with enterprise-grade features

QSAN Technology, a leading storage technology designer and manufacturer, was founded in July 2004. Building on our vast experience in the industry, QSAN strives to build enterprise-class storage systems that pride ourselves with outstanding performance, secure data protection, and comprehensive data management.


Cloud Ready Solutions is the esteemed distributor for QSAN in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Renowned as a premier provider of high-performance storage solutions, QSAN is committed to addressing the diverse needs of storage users. From comprehensive data backup to robust data protection, QSAN ensures the perpetual security and accessibility of your valuable data.

QSAN Product Overview

QSAN Product Overview

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QSAN offers a wide range of solutions tailored to different needs


This all-flash storage series is designed for high-speed data access. It's ideal for businesses that require fast data retrieval and storage. XCubeFAS provides industry-leading high performance as the best solution. SAS SSD flash storage meets high-speed access requirements; NVMe SSD flash storage copes with applications that require ultra-low latency such as VDI, enterprise database, ML, HPC. XCubeFAS adopts high availability architecture, redundant and full modular design to achieve no single point of failure, non-stop hardware replacement and software upgrades. 99.9999% reliability ensures that enterprise services will not be stopped due to unexpected accidents.


Why QSAN save more at the same scale?

  • Great Deal Storage

(Save 25% compare to the market)

  • Inline Dedupe & Compression

(Save more than 10% capacity compare to the market)

  • Stable and Low Latency Performance

(Enhance 15% compare to the market)

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QSAN provides a comprehensive management system and storage utilities to help businesses manage their data more effectively.

QSAN works with a variety of technology partners, demonstrating their commitment to collaboration and innovation in the field of data storage.

Guarantee SLA then Reduce Complexity

QSAN provides simple tool and workable technique that help MSPs to deploy the helpful solutions to reduce the complex of storage infrastructure. Simple and comprehensive applications are the keys driving clients to success.

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No service downtime guarantee?

  • Only near 30 seconds downtime per year, achieving six-9 high availibility

  • Always online services help MSPs maintain services easily and gain the trust from clients

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How we against cyber attack?

  • Access control and firewall block various situations

  • Military-grade AES 256 pool encryption, WORM (Write Once Read Many) and snapshot lock for core data protection

  • Comprehensive block and file level data backup 


Having a mixed Infrastructure?

  • Having all-flash as primary storage for best performance 

  • All-Flash Array

  • Hybrid storage for backup and disaster recovery to keep data safe

Connect with us today and let's start the conversation

Tell us your challenges and our storage experts will provide the best recommendations and solutions.

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