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StoneFly, Inc. Delivering Enterprise Solutions Since 2000

Offers a range of products, including storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, as well as cloud solutions tailored for diverse industries such as education, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and more.

About Stonefly

StoneFly is a leading provider of scalable IT infrastructure solutions, offering on-premises hardware like NAS, SAN, hyperconverged, and backup appliances. With limitless scaling from TeraBytes to PetaBytes, StoneFly caters to businesses of all sizes. As a Cloud Service Provider, StoneFly facilitates storage and backups on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and its private cloud. Partnering with Veeam, they provide enterprise-grade backup solutions. StoneFusion™, their award-winning software, simplifies data center management and acts as a gateway to Microsoft Azure. Their cloud solutions are user-friendly and cost-effective. Serving diverse industries globally, StoneFly supports government, education, healthcare, finance, high-tech, entertainment, construction, utilities, transportation, charities, and more.

Data Center Solutions

StoneFly is the provider of high-performing, elastic and always available IT infrastructure solutions. Coupled with StoneFusion, our intelligent & patented operating system architecture, we can support your data dependent processes and applications seamlessly anywhere, anytime.

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Configure backup, replication, disaster recovery, scale out block, file and object storage in private and / or public clouds. Support virtual, container hosting & migrate email, videos, archives, documents, SharePoint and physical and virtual storage.

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Choice of enterprise iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN, Scale Out NAS, S3 Object, or all three! Delivering unprecedented performance, security, and scalability. Available in integrated, modular high-availability cluster, and multi-node scale out configurations.

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Backup & DR

Total backup and disaster recovery solutions in a single appliance or cloud solution. Hyperconverged options allow physical machines to be restored as Virtual Machines running directly on the StoneFly disaster recovery appliance for instant recovery.

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Consolidate all of the server and storage systems in your datacenter into one easy-to-manage, secure, high performance appliance or SAN gateway. Virtualization allows for complete hardware utilization and reduction in energy consumption.
70TB DR365V

Supported Server Virtualization Platforms

Consolidating hardware resources into virtual storage, servers, operating systems, applications or networks allows any organizations to improve efficiency and simplify the management of its datacenter or IT infrastructure. Since its founding in 2006, StoneFly Inc. has been applying the principles of virtualization in the development of easy-to-use, redundant, high-performance iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN technology. By centralizing storage into an intelligent storage area network with advanced storage services increases storage utilization and removes islands of underutilized disk resources, making your storage fit your environment today and tomorrow.

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StoneFly provides VMware-certified SAN storage and hyper-converged appliances, compatible with VMware's iSCSI initiator for ESX/ESXi Server and the vSphere platform. For certified options, check VMware’s hardware certification list. Explore our technical brief, video, and related information for using StoneFly SAN with virtual servers. 

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StoneFly SAN appliances support the

open-source Xen hypervisor (version 3.5 and above). Check the hardware compatibility list here. Explore our technical brief and related information for using StoneFly SAN with virtual servers. Registered customers can access the virtual server user guide in our knowledgebase and support portal.

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StoneFly SAN appliances support XenSource versions 3.5 and above, the leading open-source hypervisor. Check the hardware compatibility list here. Explore our virtual server technical brief and related information. Registered StoneFly customers can access the user's guide in our knowledgebase and support portal.

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Automated & Policy-Based

Air-Gapped Vault    and Immutability 


Automated Physical & Logical Air-Gapped Vault and Always On-Air® Gapped

Set policies to automatically isolate and air-gap physical air-gapped nodes (DR365VIVA) using built-in network and power management controllers. Alternatively, get virtual air-gapped volumes for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix (XenServer), and set up logical air-gaps with StoneFly’s Always On-Air® Gapped technology.

The Air-Gapped Vault® and Always On-Air Gapped capabilities are also available in StoneFly’s Cloud Storage in Azure directly from Azure marketplace.

What are air-gapped backups? | Learn more about DR365VIVA

Policy-Based Immutability On-Premises and in the Cloud

Configure immutability for file-level and S3 object storage workloads preventing editing, overwriting, and deletion for a set period of time. This protects mission-critical storage, backups, snapshots, and replicas from ransomware attacks.

The immutability feature of StoneFly Veeam-ready backup and DR appliance (DR365V) and air-gapped nodes (DR365VIVA) are certified for compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Rule 1.31 (c)-(d)).

What are immutable backups? | Learn more about DR365V

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Why Choose CRS Your Distributor for Stonefly ?

Selecting CRS as your StoneFly distributor offers a comprehensive solution to your storage and hyper-converged needs. With a deep understanding of storage technology, CRS brings expertise to guide you through StoneFly's diverse product portfolio, including SAN storage solutions and hyper-converged appliances. Backed by a proven track record and strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, CRS ensures a robust distribution ecosystem. Our commitment to technical support, training, and efficient logistics streamlines the acquisition process. With a focus on customization, flexibility, and collaborative relationships, CRS is dedicated to your success. Access to educational resources and responsive customer service further enhances the overall experience, making CRS the reliable choice for a distributor that prioritizes expertise, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

StoneFly FAQ’s

  • Q1:Why is Backup and Recovery important for businesses?
    A1: Backup and Recovery is crucial for businesses to ensure business continuity. It safeguards critical data from potential loss due to hardware failures, human errors, cyber attacks, or natural disasters. Without a proper backup and recovery plan, businesses risk significant downtime, financial loss, and damage to their reputation.
  • Q2: What is the significance of Data Centre Backup and Recovery?
    A2: Data centres house a business's most critical IT infrastructure and data. A data centre failure can lead to significant downtime and data loss. Therefore, having a robust data centre backup and recovery solution is essential to restore operations quickly in the event of a failure.
  • Q3: Why is SAAS Backup important?
    A3: With the increasing use of Software as a Service (SAAS) applications like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace, businesses have critical data stored in the cloud. While SAAS providers ensure the availability of their service, the responsibility of data protection lies with the user. Therefore, SAAS Backup is crucial to protect against data loss due to accidental deletions, application errors, or cyber threats.
  • Q4: How does Endpoint Backup contribute to business data protection?
    A4: Endpoint devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile devices often contain valuable business data. These devices are susceptible to data loss due to device theft, hardware failure, or malware. Endpoint Backup solutions ensure that data on these devices is regularly backed up and can be recovered quickly, minimizing the impact of such incidents.
  • Q5: How does a Backup and Recovery solution support business growth?
    As businesses grow, so does their data. A scalable backup and recovery solution allows businesses to efficiently manage increasing amounts of data. It also supports business expansion by ensuring data is protected across new departments or locations.
  • Q6: How does Backup and Recovery help in meeting compliance requirements?
    A6: Many industries have regulations requiring businesses to protect and retain their data for certain periods. A robust backup and recovery solution helps businesses meet these compliance requirements, avoid penalties, and maintain trust with their customers and partners.


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