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Video Conferencing

Dedicated Video Conferencing Distributor Catering to IT Resellers in Australia

Cloud Ready Solutions provides comprehensive solution development services tailored to professional AV and video conferencing setups. Our specialist can create customized solutions that align with your customers' needs, whether they're setting up new collaboration systems or enhancing their existing platforms. Whether it's outfitting small huddle rooms or larger meeting spaces, our room solutions ensure a smooth video collaboration experience for businesses, fostering cohesion among both on-site and remote meeting participants.

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InstaVC Inc. is the only Company in the World wherein Video Engine and Video Application Layers are designed separately, enabling us to offer Video Conferencing as a “Platform as a Service (PaaS)”. We use the same Video Engine API and developed customized Video Applications for All Major Industry Verticals like  HealthCare, Education, Retail, Enterprise, etc., giving us a unique advantage against all Major Competitors.

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PeopleLink stands as the forefront of enterprise collaboration solutions, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge products in Video Conference Endpoints, Audiovisuals, Podiums & AV/UC Controllers, and Video-Enabled Business Process Applications. In the video conferencing realm, advanced technology ensures seamless communication, while audiovisual solutions enrich collaboration with top-notch sound and visuals. Podiums & AV/UC Controllers serve as centralized command hubs for streamlined control. Additionally, Video-Enabled Business Process Applications integrate video seamlessly into operational aspects.

Video Conferencing Solutions

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Virtual Classroom Distributor

inClass's seamless video conferencing enhances the virtual classroom, fostering greater engagement and boosting productivity for both students and educators

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Virtual Clinic Distributor

Inclinic a video collaboration platform that links patients with doctors, streamlining 24/7 appointment scheduling and enabling both in-person and virtual consultations.

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Virtual Shopping Distributor

Inshop bridges the gap between traditional retail stores and online e-commerce, delivering a unique virtual in-store experience to customers.

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Virtual Consultation Distributor

inConsult is redefining virtual consultations for contemporary consultants. Centralize client bookings, workshops, payments, and video calls in one hub, with no code or installations required.

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Video API Distributor

InAPI Integrate top-notch video calls directly into your applications or website to enable video conferencing, live streaming, group video calls, and various other functionalities.

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Web Casting Distributor

Incast webcasting platform is purpose-built for hosting expansive video webcasting events, accommodating audiences of any magnitude, regardless of their global location.

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Video Conferencing Accessories Distributor

Peoplink offers a variety of meeting room accessories for enhanced video conferencing, including devices, sound bars, phones, adapters, mounts, webcams, and more. Elevate user experience with the right tech combination. We provide ready-made room kits for various sizes and can customize video conferencing solutions as needed.

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Video Conferencing Camera Distributor

Upgrade your meeting space with our sleek premium video conferencing cameras, offering unmatched Ultra-HD imaging up to 4K resolution. Advanced optics automatically frame participants with clarity. Find the perfect fit for your customers at PeopleLink.

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Video Conferencing Display Solutions Distributor

Infuse intelligence and usability into meeting spaces with ultra-high definition commercial displays. Elevate your customers' video conferencing experience with top-notch professional displays designed for meeting rooms of all sizes, featuring IPS and professional-level screen quality. Explore a selection of interactive displays in various sizes

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Why Choose Cloud Ready Solutions as your Video Conferencing Distributor?

With Cloud-ready solutions, you gain the ability to easily scale your video conferencing capabilities as your business grows, ensuring seamless collaboration across teams and locations. Additionally, these solutions often come with built-in security features, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your communication. Our expertise and ability to tailor solutions to your needs can ensure a seamless video conferencing experience for your organization.



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