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Arcserve Cloud Direct Backup is now available to ANZ clients!

So what is Cloud Direct?  Well simply, it is Backup that goes to the Cloud.. err.. Directly…    Obvious really!

Who is Arcserve Cloud Direct for?   The answer to that depends on “where” your client is located and how they feel about data sovereignty.    Yip,  currently, Cloud Direct’s “Cloud” is hosted in USA & UK, so if your client insists on “local ANZ cloud” then Cloud Direct can be ruled out..

If Data Soverignty is not an issue.. Then Cloud Direct presents 2 interesting options..   Backup As A Service (BAAS) and Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRAAS).

BAAS is the simplest option & is featured in this demo..   It is a simple, once per day incremental backup of your systems – Windows, Linux, Mac, Destops, Servers, VMs.   It is incredibly simple to deploy and is incredibly cost effective.   From my testing, it really just works..   I think it is a great option for small businesses with just a handful of systems.

DRAAS is a more serious offering, offering incrmental backups as often as every 5 mins along with “instant” recovery in the cloud..    I’ve not been able to test DRAAS yet, but I will record a video as soon as I do..   Arcserve say DRAAS is suitable for large data sets upto 500TB…   I’m sure that would be fine for USA/UK companies..

Made for MSP’s!  Finally we can see Arcserve’s vision for MSP’s..  Cloud Direct (and Cloud Hybrid) are purpose built for MSP’s.  Once signed up, the MSP is able to create and manage clients, plus they can allow their clients to have limited access to their cloud backups.   It is exiting to think about the Future..

The only questions is..  When will Cloud Direct be hosted in Australia?   Come on Arcserve!  Lets do it!