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Updated: Feb 19

It’s a question we often get asked by partners and clients. Why should a consumer pick Replify Accelerator over another WAN Optimization service provider or an alternate solution?

There are many reasons, so here’s just 11 of them to get you started!

1) Replify Accelerator is Fully Software Based

This indicates you can quickly release on existing hardware or virtual infrastructure, so no pricey bran

d-new hardware costs. Replify has been a software just business from the very beginning, back in 2007. Replify has a heritage of supporting numerous virtualization platforms, consisting of several containers. You can download and test the software application free of charge for a minimal time period to ensure you get the outcomes you desire on your own network.

2) Quick Deployment with Minimal Interruption

To remain portable, Replify Accelerator doesn’t require custom kernels or particular hardware. This multi-platform support suggests that WAN Optimisation can be presented to existing infrastructure with ease. Even Replify Accelerator Clients can be easily released to end-user gadgets through familiar systems such as Group Policy. Wish to optimise a cloud application like Microsoft 365, SharePoint or SalesForce? No problem. You can spin up instances of Replify in the cloud. Implementation on the primary cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Rackcorp is very straightforward, you can deploy easily in the cloud alongside your applications.

3) Software Client for End User Devices

Totally featured Replify Accelerator customers can be deployed to your end-user devices. This offers an incredible reach for Accelerator optimisation. Real end-to-end velocity implies you get the greatest benefit that Replify Accelerator provides. As users end up being mobile, vacating the office to other areas and even working from home, this has ended up being a crucial selling point for Replify. The Replify Accelerator client is linked to a Replify Virtual Appliance (VA) in your datacenter or branch office. The software application then provides all the optimisation (caching, compression, layer 7 and TCP optimisation) between the customer and the VA.

4) Easy Upgrades

When brand-new Replify Accelerator launches become available, consumers can update smoothly and quickly, without needing to purchase new hardware.

5) Unrestricted Scalability

Unlike a number of our competitors, a Replify Accelerator license isn’t locked to a specific number of connections, throughput or offload. If you’re organisation grows, you can include more users and the software will automatically scale with the hardware you’ve released. Numerous VAs can be combined to supply greater scalability, load-balancing and high availability performance.

6) Excellent Reporting Capability

With any purchase of a Replify Accelerator VA, you also get access to the Replify Enterprise Manager (REM). This makes it possible for a ‘single pane of glass’ from which to monitor and certify your Replify deployment. The REM aggregates all the information from your deployment and displays it using easy-to-read graphs and tables. This assists you get the most out of your release and see where the very best performance gains are taking place.

7) Quick Support Responses

Our support group at Replify prides itself on its speed to react and deal with consumer questions. Issues get dealt with very quick, making sure minimal disruption must they emerge.

8) Bespoke Features and Integrations

Among Replify Accelerator’s key selling points has been is the ease with which it can be integrated into existing products. Replify has many OEM clients who integrate the Replify software application into an existing product stack. With a thorough REST API and system hooks, adding WAN optimisation into your existing offering is a breeze.

9) White-labelling and Rebranding

Replify provides the choice of white labelling or rebranding. Some of our clients utilise this to present their customers with the Replify abilities however with their own business branding.

10) Versatile Pricing Model

Replify Accelerator is such a budget-friendly alternative because of our focus on software. We do not have costly production and logistics operations to maintain. We offer costs that are lower than our rivals, but with an efficiency that is on par or much better. A lot of our existing customers have changed expensive systems from our competitors with Replify.

11) Heritage in WAN Optimisation

Replify has been supplying its WAN Optimisation software application since 2007. With this long history of item enhancements and updates, our consumers can be confident they’re getting the very best WAN Optimisation their cash can purchase.

There are plenty more factors that our consumers would purchase Replify, but we’ll cover those in another blog!

You can learn more about our case studies and some of our customer testimonials here.

If you are considering a WAN Optimisation solution or would like more information on Replify simply drop us an email ( or fill in the Request a Quote form and we would be happy to assist!

Replify is distributed in ANZ by Cloud Ready Solutions



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