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Updated: Jul 31

Arcserve Backup is a comprehensive, Enterprise grade backup solution used by large corporations and governments around the world. Tape Backups, although not as popular as in the past are still popular for many reasons. Chief amongst the reasons are the low cost of long term retention. An alternative to physical tape, is a Virtual Tape Library, such as StarWind VTL. StarWind VTL can present an infinite amount of retention by offering local virtual tapes with replication to numerous cloud based services such as Amazon S3/Glacier, Backblaze, Wasabi and Microsoft Azure.

Arcserve Backup integrates seamlessly with Arcserve UDP to provide multiple ways of leveraging tape for long term, air gapped protection of UDP Data. I have created 3 short videos demoing 3 approaches for backing up UDP data to tape. I actually use StarWind VTL which offers excellent compatibility along with the automated archive of Virtual Tapes to “Cloud” and lifecycle management (e.g. local storage to S3 to Glacier etc.).

Part 1 – Setup of StarWind VTL, Cloud Replication and a simple backup using Arcserve Backup (this video)

Part 2 – Full UDP Datastore Backup to StarWind VTL . Also shows the restoration process.

Part 3 – Incremental UDP Datastore Backup to StarWind VTL.

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