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Updated: Feb 19


Many companies are living in FEAR! Fear of losing critical data! Fear of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands! Fear of the EU! (GDPR)..

The concern is real. Business needs employees! Employees need laptops. Laptops store data! Business Data! Even more challenging – key employees are not “desk-bound”. They are road warriors, out on the road, flying, visiting clients and continually updating company data on their EndPoint device – not giving the slightest thought about the risk to which they are exposing the organisation.

What if your laptop is lost or stolen? How long will it be before you can get a new, fully functional replacement laptop & get on with your work? How much of your time & effort is lost?

What if the data on the computer is valuable or sensitive? Does the hard drive contain client details? What about company secrets? Do you deal with European clients? Are you at risk of GDPR?

Business is searching for a solution to all of these fear factors. Let me introduce you to Cibecs EndPoint Cloud. The most compelling data management tool for IT.

Cibecs Endpoint Cloud is a Hybrid Cloud Data Loss Prevention Solution that allows companies to manage business data stored on endpoint devices from one central cloud console.

Endpoint Cloud uses Polices to ensure that all business data is discovered & protected, regardless of where is it stored across remote endpoint devices. Policies can dictate that Business Data stored on EndPoint Devices gets backed up hourly, it is encrypted, and it can be geo-located if necessary.

The Endpoint Cloud administrator can remotely revoke access to data, or deep erase the data with a single click in the cloud console. It is also possible to remotely manage a desktop OS refresh from the cloud console.

This short demo video covers many aspects of EndPoint Cloud – Discovery, Backup, Encryption, Revocation, Geo-location, Data Wipe, and Restore! All in about 4 minutes!

Fear No More!!




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