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Updated: Feb 19


With Microsoft having recently announced the end of life for its popular Windows 7 product, January 14th of 2020 may seem like doomsday to thousands of businesses. Currently, nearly 70% of companies around the world are still utilising Windows 7 – meaning that by January 14th, 70% of international businesses will require a PC migration to ensure continuous optimal performance.

The issue is, migration projects for most businesses are a complex, time consuming and frustrating matter that can set back revenue and productivity by days. Traditional and dated migration projects take critical time away from users, create the potential for critical business data to get lost, creates weariness amongst users about confidentiality, makes dealing with remote users a nightmare, and is an overall tedious, manual process. However, Cibecs and its latest migration technology can make the whole process a breeze…

Professionals simply cannot afford to let their systems go out of date and if they do, the risk of running end-of-life technology is incredibly big. Bug fixes and security updates automatically stop, maintaining old hardware becomes costly and heavy fines and legal action can take place if a company is not meeting the industry regulatory software standards.

Running Windows 7 after its end of life is risky. But, Gartner – the world’s leading research and advisory company – have stated that even running Windows 10 is a “dead end for enterprises”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your company is running an up-to-date software.

Now, although this upcoming migration process for nearly 70% of companies worldwide may seem like a nightmare, Cloud Ready has a solution to mitigate all negativity from this entire process.

Cloud Ready is now offering Cibecs Endpoint Cloud Migration – the ultimate solution to this daunting ‘doomsday’. But what is the difference between traditional migration tactics and Cibecs Endpoint Cloud Migration?…

Cibecs offers live migration support – so your users can continue to work and when you’re ready to hand over the device, simply proceed through a minor update to carry across any new work or changes. Additionally, Cibecs Endpoint Cloud modernises the migration process by handling any form of interruption far better than traditional migration and having a high tolerance to unreliable connections.

Furthermore, with traditional migration solutions, managing a large hardware renewal with a remote workforce is extremely frustrating. However, with Cibecs, multiple migrations can be simultaneously, centrally triggered from Cloud Management and the entire process can be monitored.

Additionally, Cibecs offers a complete device-to-device migration – reducing the requirement for any ‘middle-man’ storage system. Migrate all files (including both business and personal) directly between two chosen devices in an encrypted and compressed form. All files for the user are seamlessly identified and migrated to the new device, including the user’s profile and system and application settings.

To put it simply, here is why you need Cibecs:

– Live migration support

– Improved resilience for unreliable connections

– Better handling of interrupted migration when compared with traditional migration processes

– Support for completed migration with skipped files (including visibility over all skipped files)

– Automatically open and close Windows Firewall

– Target device-free disk space checks

– Premium encryption and compression of data

– Ability to block migrations when a restore is in progress to optimise productivity.

Truth be told, businesses with over 30 users are those that are in desperate need of a seamless migration. Cloud Ready has a solution that is built for scale and security. Cibecs Endpoint Migration is the modernised migration system that has been developed to optimise productivity for large-scale companies that run the risk of large-scale loss without the right plan in place.




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