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Reasons Your Data Archives Need Air-Gapping and Immutability

Data archiving is rarely mentioned today, often overshadowed by data backups. While these services may sound similar, they are not the same. Each serves a distinct purpose, yet they work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive and secure storage solution for your company's sensitive information.

So, what's the difference between data backups and data archiving?

Data Backups: This service is essential for protecting dynamic data—information that is frequently updated. Data backups allow for the recovery and restoration of lost files, ensuring business continuity and data integrity.

Data Archiving: On the other hand, data archiving is about preserving static data for future reference. Once recorded, static data remains unchanged, similar to key personal documents like birth certificates or social security cards. Archiving ensures this unchanging information is securely stored for long-term access.

Why is a Data Archiving Important?

Even small businesses can generate terabytes of log data daily. To manage this data efficiently and cost-effectively, data archiving is essential.

Archiving frees up storage and hardware resources, making it easier to manage and distinguish older files. Compliance regulations often require logs to be stored for extended periods, and archiving ensures adherence to these standards.

Additionally, archived data help analyze user behavior and events, identifying trends and patterns accurately. Using purpose-built data archiving appliances is more efficient and cost-effective than using production storage, freeing up resources for primary workloads.

Introducing StoneFly Green Petabyte Archive (GPA) 4.0

An efficient, eco-friendly data and log archiving system with automated air-gap and immutability. It includes a master controller and air-gapped nodes, consuming less than 1000W per petabyte. The system supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN, NFS, CIFS/SMB NAS, and S3 protocols, providing a scalable, secure, and versatile solution for data archiving.

StoneFly Green Petabyte Archive™

What Does a 4.0 GPA Stand For?

Every archive system should aim for a 4.0 standard to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here's what 4.0 stands for:

1. Data Security

Protect your data archives with air-gapping and immutability.

2. Low Power

Consume less than 1000W of power, resulting in lower carbon emissions per petabyte.

3. Low Maintenance

Require minimal upkeep, as archive systems are inactive most of the time.

4. Low Heat

Low power consumption generates less heat, reducing the need for air-conditioning.

0. Ransomware

Zero network connections mean zero ransomware incidents.

Here’s where GPA 4.0 shines:

The GPA 4.0 is designed specifically for environments requiring long-term storage of petabytes of critical data with minimal power consumption and maintenance costs. Below are several scenarios where the GPA 4.0 excels:

  1. Log Archiving: Ensure compliance with regulations like SOX, PCI, GDPR, and FINRA by securely archiving logs with built-in immutability. It’s customizable for analyzing massive volumes of logs.

  2. Financial Record Archiving: Safeguard financial records for 5 to 11 years effortlessly. GPA 4.0 protects against data tampering, crucial for avoiding hefty fines.

  3. Health Data Archiving: Protect sensitive health and personal information from cyber threats. GPA 4.0 offers automated safeguards compliant with HIPAA/HITRUST.

  4. Surveillance Video Archiving: Create a reliable, energy-efficient solution for storing surveillance footage. GPA 4.0 ensures data integrity and resilience against ransomware attacks.

  5. News and Media Archiving: Automate the safe storage of large media assets daily, including videos and documents. GPA 4.0 provides robust protection against digital threats.


StoneFly GPA 4.0 not only meets these demands but surpasses them with its focus on efficiency, security, and reliability. Discover how StoneFly GPA 4.0 can optimize your data management strategy and ensure secure and accessible archived logs.

For further insights and consultation on implementing StoneFly GPA 4.0, please contact our team. We are dedicated to helping you leverage our solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Cloud Ready Solutions is a certified Australian StoneFly Distributor  For VAR's, IT Resellers and MSPs



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